St Patricks day

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On the 17th of March, is Saint Patricks  day when we celebrate a thing in Ireland.

What type of things are linked to this special day. Leave it in the comments .

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The Quiz Of Space Part 1

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Do you think you know all there is to know about space? Well put your knowledge to the test with this Space Quiz.

To start off, here is a few pictures. Can you name the planets?


What planet is this?

Triple Eclipse On Jupiter

I would be surprised if you got the second one because it isn’t just the planet. It is a picture of a triple eclipse happening on a planet. Comment below your answers and I will reply if you were right or wrong.

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Robotics Day with Mr Smith

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Year 3.4 children have had a fantastic day with Mr Smith learning about robotics.

Robotics_Day_Nov_16 (00000002)

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What do you think we do well in Hollinswood Primary School?

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We would love some comments about what we do well in school. Like sports torniments.

If you do leave a comment please tell us why you think so.    🙂

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New Bloggers Wanted

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Sports Tournaments

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34 athletics

Recently we (as a school) have been taking part in various sports tournaments such as tag rugby, football and netball. We want to know if you have any ideas for any more sports tournaments. If you have any suggestions such as swimming, tennis, badminton or just simple sports that haven’t been used in tournaments recently like dodgeball, let us know.

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Uganda choir !!!

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In holinswood some children from Uganda came to our school to sing and dance. (Click on the link)

They taught the classes how to sing the song they sang and they also preformed in our hall at the end of the day.

What do you think of it?

Put it in the comment box below.


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Ancient Greece.

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Hello there. In year 5/6 we are learning about Ancient Greece and the year 6 children in Mrs Tyrer’s class are making an Ancient Greece quiz  we need ideas to help them can you think of any. Please give us ideas and list them in the comment section and thanks.     🙂

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What after school clubs are the most popular?

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Augmented reality

Posted by hollinswood on Monday Jun 27, 2016 Under Uncategorized

Mr Smith has been using a free app called Quiver. This allows flat images on a piece of paper to turn in to 3D images.


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