All the fun of the fair

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Design your own fairground using the free Scratch program.

Here is an example from Mr Smith

Add your own ideas to the comments section.



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Could you comment of how to keep safe physically?

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How would you keep safe to cross the road?

What would you do if you were being chased or someone was trying to take you away?

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Keeping safe online

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think you know

This blog post is to encourage people to discuss HOW to stay safe when using technology.

Technology is very exciting but it can also be dangerous.

HOW can you stay safe when using technology. We look forward to reading your comments.


Mr Smith and the Hollinswood bloggers.


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Wilderhope: 50 word challenge

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Hi Mr Smith here.

I have been told by some students and teachers that there is a place on planet Earth called Wilderhope.

In less than 50 words can you tell me a bit about it and what has happened there in the past (e.g.  last week or a long time ago)

Plan out your work carefully and use your own ideas wherever possible.

This will be really interesting for me.


Mr Smith



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What is a blog?

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Hi, Mr Smith here.

The word BLOG is short for weB LOG.

People can use a computer to start a discussion about something interesting.

BLOGs started when people were on journeys and wanted to show others what they had done.

  1. The latest thing created is at the top (called a POST)
  2. You can COMMENT on other people’s POSTS
  3. The blog ADMINISTRATOR or EDITOR must approve comments and posts (called MODERATING)
  4. CONTRIBUTORS can add comments to a blog without them being moderated so they must be careful about what they write
  5.  When you comment be aware that you should consider other people’s feelings.

Why are blogs useful in schools?

Here are details of the RIGHTS for different users


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The new academic year

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We ask 6 students from Hollinswood school three questions

1. What they are looking forward to

2. How they will help themselves to progress

3. How technology might be able to help them to learn

You can add your own ideas to the comments section too (they will need to be MODERATED before being published)

Good luck

Mr Smith

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All about blogging

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This blog will be used to explore the power of blogging for young people.

The blog will be set up by Mr Smith in the first instance. Students and staff will then have more responsibility to manage the blog in the future.

Mr Smith

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