Natural Disasters Strike!

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Which would be the worst natural disaster to encounter? What would you do if you encountered one?

What if you had no money to help you survive?

Please comment below.


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All about tsunamis

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tsunami facts

tsunamis are usually caused by earthquakes but can also be caused by landslides, meteors and even volcanic eruptions.

The word tsunami literally means harbour wave in Japanese

True or false

 tsunamis are related to tides (remember TIDAL waves) TRUE OR FALSE.

all tsunamis must be over 100 feet to count as a tsunami TRUE OR FALSE.

a tsunami is a series of waves TRUE OR FALSE.

tsunami footage

this is quite a large tsunami but nowhere near the largest.

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Favourite blog site!

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There are millions of blogs around the world. We would like to know which one is your favourite!

Can you tell us in the comments section please!blog

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Explorers across the ages.

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Part of Base Eight’s topic is about explorers from a long time ago. We have found the differences between explorers and adventurers. Could you tell me the difference and name one or two explorers or adventurers that you have learnt about. Thanks

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Sport Relief

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This blog now features a game designed for Sport Relief from Mr Smith from

Why not

  1. Try and score more than 20
  2. Click on see inside to view the code
  3. REMIX the game and improve it ( you need your own FREE Scratch account)


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Natural disasters

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In base 8 we have learnt about natural disasters! Can you name any disasters?

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