Natural disasters

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In base 8 we have learnt about natural disasters! Can you name any disasters?

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  1. danhw Says:

    I know many natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornado/hurricanes and volcanic eruptions

  2. amberhw Says:

    Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, snow storms and sand storms. Also Daniel volcanoes aren’t natural disasters

  3. danhw Says:

    I didn’t say volcanos I said volcanic eruptions just like the one in Pompeii it can cause extinction which I believe is our worst enemy.

  4. amberhw Says:

    Okay I didn’t read that part and extinction is terrifying

  5. callumhw Says:

    I really like tsunamis such as this one

  6. callumhw Says:

    oops! I tried to embed some footage of a tsunami on youtube but for some strange reason it did not show up.

  7. hollinswood Says:

    Yes, they are interesting natural events. Don’t forget that they often cause death and destruction so they are serious news items too. Mr Smith

  8. elenahw Says:

    Natural disasters can cause a lot of damage, therefore we need to donate money so countries can prep for disasters such as volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones. You need to be careful if you live on the San Andreas Fault because that’s were you get stronger earthquakes and tsunamis

  9. elenahw Says:

    Which one @Callumhw

  10. erinhw Says:

    Some natural disasters are hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, tornados, blizzards, sand storms, hail storms, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

    examples of damage and disasters below (links)×2.jpg

  11. annabelle Says:

    There are many natural disasters such as tsunamies,volcanic eruptions and many more

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