UK Food Waste Project

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Students are discussing ways in which food waste can be reduced in the UK.

They have collected data based on school meals and why some of the food is thrown away.

They are making news broadcasts using Green Screen film technology

Comment with your ideas on how to reduce food waste


Mr Smith


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  1. Holly Says:

    My group were chosen to be ICT captains. From the pictures above you can see what we have been doing. We have been working with Mrs Bearblock all week to use the food waste workshop data to create a Food Waste I – movie. It has been a great amount of fun! Mr Smith has been a big help with the editing, we have learned so much especially about cloud computing. Thank you Mr Smith and Mrs Bearblock for all the help you have given us on our food waste project.

  2. annabelle Says:

    This was a great project because it has an improvement to food waste

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