Flying cat!!!

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cat_flyIn base 8 Mr Smith worked with them to make a flying cat.

Here are some examples.

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Super Cat

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Year 5 have been making the Scratch Cat fly. Have a try yourself by

1. Clicking
2. Going to create
3. Import a new sprite
4. Choose animals
5. Choose one of the 2 flying cat sprites

You can now program the sprite to move left and right

Why not add some clouds to make the animation more realistic.

Good luck

Mr Smith

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planting a pollinator friendly garden

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Mrs Bearblock and Mrs Edwards (who work with the 3greenRs) came in to our school and worked with Mrs Eden’s class to make a herb garden with used raised beds. They planted herbs so the Cook in our school can use them in  the  school dinners. All the herbs do not get sprayed with weed killer so all the herbs are organic. The reason the herbs were chosen was because they attract pollinators which are important to the fruits growth. This has never been done in Hollinswood Primary School History!!

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Food waste figures

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The students analysed data from the school kitchen. This included a survey on what made the students leave some of their food.

This was followed by a survey on ideas how they could address the problem of food waste in school.

Using actual data made the whole project more scientific.


Add some comments and questions below.

Thanks, Mrs Bearblock and Mr Smith

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UK Food Waste Project

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Students are discussing ways in which food waste can be reduced in the UK.

They have collected data based on school meals and why some of the food is thrown away.

They are making news broadcasts using Green Screen film technology

Comment with your ideas on how to reduce food waste


Mr Smith


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Things changed from now and then.

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In year 5/6 we have to research  information about HOW TRANSPORT CHANGED FROM 1930 TO NOW.

We would like some ideas so we can get some help. Teachers, staff and people at home can research things and put them in the comment box  in find out more. Use your spare time to f1930s_sind information remember to use trust worthy websites.

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Favourite parts of Easter!

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We would like to know what are your favourite parts of Easter!

Can you please  put it in the comments section please! 😉

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Natural Disasters Strike!

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Which would be the worst natural disaster to encounter? What would you do if you encountered one?

What if you had no money to help you survive?

Please comment below.


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All about tsunamis

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tsunami facts

tsunamis are usually caused by earthquakes but can also be caused by landslides, meteors and even volcanic eruptions.

The word tsunami literally means harbour wave in Japanese

True or false

 tsunamis are related to tides (remember TIDAL waves) TRUE OR FALSE.

all tsunamis must be over 100 feet to count as a tsunami TRUE OR FALSE.

a tsunami is a series of waves TRUE OR FALSE.

tsunami footage

this is quite a large tsunami but nowhere near the largest.

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Favourite blog site!

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There are millions of blogs around the world. We would like to know which one is your favourite!

Can you tell us in the comments section please!blog

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